Musonia Management 
Musonia offers management and consultancy in arts & culture, science and education. Musonia was responsible for the management of The Netherlands Violin Competition with Lonneke Regter as managing director (2012-2016). Now is Musonia developing an online competition for young, European musicians.

Musonia Music
Musonia creates new concert formats, special performances and cross overs with classical music. Lonneke Regter is one of the leading classical music experts in The Netherlands. She plays the double bass and advises many music organizations in Europe.

Musonia Orchestra & Ensemble is a flexible, professional group musicians with Lonneke Regter as artistic leader. She founded Musonia Orchestra & Ensemble in 2009, as a result of expanding activities of her own Musonia Ensemble, which she had since studying at the Conservatory, and many concerts organising. Musonia Orchestra & Ensemble is playing in historically informed performance style, both on modern and authentic instruments (a=415 and 440 Hz). Part of the group is specialised in modern music and music theatre. The musicians are all doing projects with other performance arts, like theatre and dance. The group likes to participate in choir pieces and opera’s on a special location.

Musonia: more than music